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V A N  K E N N I S  N A A R  W I J S H E I D

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Programma: http://www.ddw.nl/programma


Age of Wonderland 2017 presents 100 DAYS OF LEARNING, a global learning event to exchange valuable life experiences with peers. Doers and thinkers from around the world - innovators, scientists, engineers, artists, designers, social entrepreneurs - are invited to share their personal stories, ideas, and practice, not to be found in textbooks. Aim is to rediscover knowledge, challenge beliefs, and exchange life lessons with others. To make the world a better place, we need to embrace change on an individual level, and inspire others to do the same.Agenda:


22/11: Branly Lopez: http://ageofwonderland.nl/agenda/sunday-22-october-2017

25/11: Masha Ru: www.eventbrite.nl/e/tickets-museum-of-edible-earth-by-masha-ru-38390003534

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Mayan Big Comic Data: ageofwonderland.nl/fellows/2016/branly-lopez

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