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24 - 4 - 2020: An easy way to contribute:

Dear wonderful people,

As we found out that the transfer costs to Guatemala are quite high,
we suggest the following:
Please be so kind and transfer your contribution - if you feel like
making one - to my account by 1 May 2020:
C.C. Wagner, ABN Amro
IBAN :   NL 23 ABNA 0542 7303 75

I than will transfer the collected amount in one time and cover
the transfer costs myself.

Thank you again, very much! All the best! Christine m 06 555 777 90

22 april 2020: KIN 239 Couac - Blue Storm - Tone 5

Today we sent this mail to the people who received the mail of the 14th of November 2016 (below).

Dear all wonderful people who have met Branly Lopez from Guatemala,

How are you? I hope you are all doing well in these challenging times and are discovering new opportunities. There is a lot we need to let go and new experiences are coming into our lives as well. Life is always in balance, it takes and gives!
In 2016 you all had a Maya reading by Branly Lopez from Quetzaltenango (Guatemala) during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Branly was a fellow of the Age of Wonderland program organized by Hivos, Baltan Laboratories and DDW.

Just recently Branly became director of the local theatre in Quetzaltenango. Guatemala is right now also having a lockdown because of Corona. However, with a few theatre makers Branly wants to develop a house style and set up a new website, so they can communicate on-line a few activities, present their plans and start a crowd funding activity for local projects.

We, some friends in Holland want to support Branly in this process and are collecting contributions for the realisation of the website (total of € 500). It would be wonderful if you could share some of your "energy" with Branly as he shared his wisdom and energy with us in Eindhoven. Attached you can find Branly's bank-account to which you can transfer your contribution. We will not use the bank account of the theatre, as the city government will probably stop the already little funding for the theatre, once money from Europe is arriving.

In advance and on behalf of Branly Lopez and his theatre-makers,

Thank you very much! Muchissimas gracias,

Tjitse Boersma

& Christine Wagner

Mail 14 november 2016 : BIG MAYAN COSMIC DATA

Dear Visitor of Big Mayan Cosmic Data,

We are so thankful to those who shared their feelings, emotions and thoughts during nine days through the ‘Big Mayan Cosmic Data’ within the Age of Wonderland program during the Dutch Design Week 2016.

Thank you so much for teaching us and for the beautiful experience of feeling the Universes’ connection among us. We are sharing some insights about the Toj/Karma patterns. Some insights can be found in the excel sheet in the attachment. Also, it includes a possibility of generating again a personal Mayan Flower. For technical questions regarding the excel sheet, please, contact info@tzolkinkalender.nl

From Guatemala, Branly will send all your messages, you wrote by hand during the exhibition; with a Mayan ceremony with fire to be woven by the Mother-Father Universes´ love data.

Branly López – Mayan Spiritual Guide from Guatemala