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23 juli


13.27 (23 July)
Yellow Crystal Warrior, Kin 116
Crystal Healing Modalities

  • Ancient Wisdom, New Reality: The Significance of the Law of Time and our Health
  • Activating the 7 Energy Centers
  • Melanin and Light - Understanding the Photon
  • Healing Power of the Plant and Mineral Kingdom
  • Guided Meditation Title: Cosmic Memory Retrieval and the Ascension Timeline: Birthing the new Inception Point into the New Beam with Sacred Geometry and the Arcturian Light Codes

13.27 (23 July)
Yellow Crystal Warrior, Kin 116
Crystal Healing Modalities

Ancient Wisdom, New Reality: The Significance of the Law of Time and our Health

Presented by Dr. Ana Zikic, Serbia
Kin 62, White Planetary Wind

Dr. Ana Žikić, MD, is a doctor of Western medicine and integrates the wisdom of ancient healing systems into her practice. She received a scholarship from the Ministry of Education and Sport and spent five years (2006-2010) at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China. Her primary focus was on Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

She continued her education at Harvard Medical School, Boston, where she completed her studies in International Structural Acupuncture for Physicians (ISA). Using Qi Gong exercises and the wisdom of the 13 Moon 28 Day Calendar, Dr. Ana uses an integrative approach in her treatment to improve the health and quality of life of her patients.

After giving a keynote speech at the “Encoding the Future” event in Teotihuacan, Mexico, on 26th July 2019, she continued her travels to spread the knowledge and wisdom of the Synchronotron system (of the Law of Time) in the field of medicine. In the November 2019 Conference in Turkey, she gave a speech to the World Federation of Acupuncture Conference about implementing the Synchronotron in the areas of medicine and acupuncture.

Activating the 7 Energy Centers

Presented by Gustavo & Paola, Mexico
Kin 2, White Lunar Wind & Kin 117, Red Cosmic Earth

Paola and Gustavo are teachers of mindfulness training and yoga, as well as facilitators of sacred cacao ceremonies in South and North America.

Paola was born in Bogota, Colombia, and Gustavo in Tepic México. They met in an Indigenous/Native Gathering called Raíces de la Tierra (Roots of the Earth) in Jerez Zacatecas, Mexico. Their powerful connection awakened their shared mission/path, and Paola moved to Mexico to start their adventure together. She has been a Yoga and Mindfulness practitioner for many years. Gustavo has been a practitioner and teacher of the Law of Time for nearly 20 years, studying directly with Dr. Jose Arguelles. Both have also worked directly with Indigenous communities for many years. In 2012 they met a Cacao Shaman that further accelerated their shared mission, and they also completed a series of initiations with the Quiche Maya. Now they live in a small coastal town in Nayarit where they continue their healing work together.

Melanin and Light - Understanding the Photon

Presented by Dr. Jewel Pookrum, USA
Kin 210, White Lunar Dog

Dr. Jewel Pookrum, M.D., Ph.D. M.F.S., a.k.a. Chief Sacred Feather Eagle, is a renowned Preventative and Wholistic Physician, Surgeon & Surgeon General for the Indigenous Native American Association of Nations (I.N.A.A.N.s).

Dr. Pookrum blends the best of modern medicine with Native American healing techniques, NEURO- REDESIGN Neurobiology, and instructs thousands of people on the proper use of Shape Power (Geometry) to restructure damaged brain circuitry and permanently Balance the brain and its Peripheral Nervous System.

Her approach incorporates her training as a physician and a gynecologist with a 20 + year odyssey into wellness therapies and techniques. She has studied a myriad of ancient techniques and alternative therapies; “The capacity for health lies innately within the human body” she teaches. “The body is a Barometer for assessing one’s ability to live in harmony with his or her environment.”

Dr. Pookrum is Presently the Chancellor of the J.E.W.E.L. UNIVERSITY OF IMMORTAL SCIENCES for IMMORTAL LIVING (J.U.I.S.), which comprises a 13 College University, containing the recent and past information of knowledge within the P.S.I. Bank/ Noosphere, specific to the Owners’ Manual for the Hueman body. Some of Dr. Pookrum’s past clientele have been Prime Minister Nelson Mandela, Mrs. Rosa Parks, Mayor Coleman Young of Detroit, Michigan, and many others. In 2006, The Mt. Arafat Embassy Clan Yamassee Native American Nation and the Indigenous Native American Association of Nations (I.N.A.A.N.S.) appointed Dr. Jewel as their Surgeon General. The I.N.A.A.N.S. is composed of the unification of the Guale, Yamassee, Mechica, Cherokee, Seminole, and Washitaw Indigenous Peoples Nations.

Healing Power of the Plant and Mineral Kingdom

Presented by Mike Booth, United Kingdom
Kin 168, Yellow Crystal Star

Mike is a visionary, planetary alchemist, painter, author, and educator.
He is the Principal of the Aura‑Soma Academy, an independent color-training academy dedicated to expanding awareness and education on the benefits of color in relation to consciousness and well-being.

An accomplished painter of mandalas, Mike has been working with natural healing technologies for most of his life. His path has led him to study Druidism, mystical Kabbalah, Sufism, Zen, the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner, the Tree of Life, and the angelic realms. He incorporates his knowledge as he travels the world teaching the system of Aura-Soma, with an emphasis on meditation and mindfulness practice.

Mike worked with the founder and innovator of the Aura-Soma system, Vicky Wall, from 1984 until her death in 1991, when she entrusted him to carry on her mission. He is the custodian of the 550-acre Shire Farm in Lincolnshire, owned and operated by Aura-Soma Products Ltd, and is committed to reforestation and a soil-to-soul approach that links the care and vitality of the earth to personal and planetary well-being. According to author and planetary geomantist, Richard Leviton, Shire Farm is the site of a major geomantic wisdom temple of planetary significance.

Guided Meditation Title: Cosmic Memory Retrieval and the Ascension Timeline: Birthing the new Inception Point into the New Beam with Sacred Geometry and the Arcturian Light Codes.

(Note to participants: Please bring a print out of your Galactic Signature if you do not have it memorized.)

Presented by Juliet Mathison, USA
Kin 151, Blue Galactic Monkey

Juliet Mathison is a facilitator of soul trauma resolution and psycho-emotional healing for the awakened Lightworker/Starseed community. She teaches original healing arts educational programs for professional practitioners. These programs are grounded in concepts of higher dimensional science, natural 13:20 time, and principles of Unity Consciousness. She has extensive training in Mayan, Native American, and Celtic indigenous ceremonial & shamanic ways and has 30 years of experience in private practice and healing arts education. Juliet is a trans-dimensional alchemist and is teacher/creator of the Crystalline Stargate Pathwork: Ascension alchemy training in inner technologies for cosmic self-retrieval, self-mastery, and navigation of the Ascension Timeline.