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De zevende en de laatste dag met zoveel waardevolle presentaties!

Met als laatste een www-meditatie.

Alberto Ruz, 13 Monkey, Mexico - Message from the Rainbow

Fiorella, 2 Skywalker, Italy - New Social Models

Yellow Electric Star, USA - Aeon of Consciousness Shift

Tomaz, 7 Sun, Brazil - Permaculture as a Tool in Transitional Times

Dr. Peter Lindemann, 3 Moon, USA - Opening to the Noosphere and Timeshift Culmination

24 juli


13.28 (24 July)
Red Cosmic Earth, Kin 117
Noosphere and Future

  • Message from the Rainbow
  • New Social Models
  • Aeon of Consciousness Shift
  • Permaculture as a Tool in Transitional Times
  • Opening to the Noosphere and Timeshift Culmination

13.28 (24 July)
Red Cosmic Earth, Kin 117
Noosphere and Future

Message from the Rainbow

Presented by Alberto Ruz, Mexico
Kin 91, Blue Cosmic Monkey

Coyote Alberto Ruz is a global ceremonial master having worked in 25 different countries in five continents, learning directly from elders in diverse cultures. He is cofounder of Huehueycoyotl ecovillage in Mexico(1982), initiator of the Caravana Arcoiris por la Paz in 1996, and author of the seminal book Rainbow Nations Without Borders. Alberto has worked tirelessly on behalf of the rights for Mother Earth and is a senior advisor in the Rights of Nature, “Harmony With Nature,” at the United Nations (2016-2019).Recipient of “The Kozeny Communitarian Award 2016”, given by the Fellowship of Intentional Communities. He is son of Dr. Alberto Ruz Lhuillier, archeologist who directed in 1952 the Discovery of the Tomb of Pacal Votan in Palenque, México.

New Social Models

Presented by Fiorella Capuano, Italy
Kin 93, Red Lunar Skywalker

Fiorella is a third-generational artist, holistic lawyer, family and wellness counselor, and music therapist with Crystal Singing Bowls.

From a very young age, she has dedicated herself to the Art of Healing, integrating many Energy Balancing techniques that make her work unique. She is a life-long spiritual researcher, and in 1995, she met galactic anthropologist Josè Arguelles and his wife, Lloydine, and had a powerful communion that birthed a shared vision. She participated in their first 49-day Seminar on the Law of Time in Chile, 1999, and soon became a Coordinator and facilitator for the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. She was appointed as a World Peace Ambassador by Dr. José Arguelles.

In 2001, she founded the New Time Peace Garden for the rehabilitation of the Natural Mind in Puglia, Italy. At the Garden Center, she integrates techniques utilizing Sound, Light, Color and Time as Consciousness. She is the facilitator of the first Peace and Culture project approved by a city council deliberation for the creation of the first 13:20 Virtuous Community in the world (Ceglie Messapica, Italy-2012). She has been a speaker at many international conferences, and her articles and interviews have been published in numerous national newspapers and magazines.
“Fiorella Capuano” on YouTube
Puglia Film Commission Puglia Experience 2011, Pt. 2
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American cellphone +1 310-909-6924

Aeon of Consciousness Shift

Presented by Kin 68, Yellow Electric Star

Yellow Electric Star is a researcher of many esoteric and mathematical systems and is a long-time practitioner of the Law of Time. He leads weekly Silio calls, synthesizing the daily codings of Synchronotron with world events. He operates mostly in the telepathic realms.

Permaculture as a Tool in Transitional Times

Presented by Tomaz, Brazil
Kin 20, Yellow Resonant Sun

Tomaz is a Permaculturist, natural builder, Ecoartist, Business Administrator, Economist, and Social Entrepreneur. He has been a collaborator with Planet Art Network since 2000.

He is a founding member at Instituto 13 Luas, the association responsible for several significant bioregional projects in São Paulo. He is a Consultant, Producer, and Editor associated with IQX Films and a sustainability consultant and project coordinator at Instituto EcoPireneus in Pirenopolis GO.

He is also a member and collaborator of IPEC (Instituto de Permacultura e Ecovilas do Cerrado). His main focus is on how permaculture principles and visions can contribute positively to these times of transition.
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Opening to the Noosphere and Timeshift Culmination

Presented by Dr. Peter Lindeman, USA
Kin 29, Red Electric Moon

Dr. Peter Lindemann is an historian, author, lecturer and educator in the field of advanced alternative energy technology. He is also a long-time meditator and inner-planes adept able to open trans-dimensional levels of awareness and understanding in group settings. Peter's presentation will be in two parts. The first part, titled Opening to the Noosphere, will be a guided adventure on the inner planes toward attunement to the Planetary Mind and the second part will be a continuation and completion of the Timeshift Ceremony begun at Teotihuacan on New Year's Day, White Magnetic Wizard (July 26, 2019). (