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Aluna Joy Jaxkin [ ] is een autoriteit op het gebied van de Tzolkinkalenders. In haar nieuwsbrief van 13 mei 2022 schreef ze over zondag 15 en maandag 16 mei 2022 . Op deze dagen is het in de Dreamspell tellling respectievelijk Rode Aarde ( CABAN ) - Toon 10 en Witte Spiegel ( ETZNAB ) - Toon 11. In de 'Klassieke telling' is het Gele Mens (E of eb ) toon 4 en Rode Hemelwandelaar (AJ of ben ) op toon 5.

Haar artikel start vanaf de eerste gedeeltelijke zonsverduistering in dit jaar die plaatsvond op 30 april 2022. Het 'portaal' dat toen aanving, eindigt met de volledige maansverduistering in de nacht van 15 op 16 mei 2022. Deze maansverduistering raakt ook onze belangrijkste leylijn.

Mayan Cycles and the May Solar Eclipse

What does it mean for you and me!

5.15.22 - 5.16.22

So much has been going on at once that it boggles the mind and spirit, so here are some further insights on the eclipse and the Maya calendar dates that the eclipse lands on.

Since the solar eclipse of April 30th we have been stripped bare to the bone and scrubbed cleaned into newborn babes. So if you can’t keep track of anything right now, this time is also about letting go of control and especially our expectations based in the future. We may have felt like a spinning top radically vacillating between extremes, from awesome uplifting insights and feeling dialed in, to a total ego annihilation and a complete decimation of our self-worth. All this is happening to create and put us on a new elevated path. We are traveling through an extra powerful eclipse portal. And, to jump right into the question in your mind as you read this, how much longer is this going to last? This portal ends on 5.16.22 with a powerful full lunar eclipse that triggers one of our major global ley lines!

It has NOT been easy and this time has really made us dive into a level of shadow work that is deeper than we thought possible. At this point I don’t even know if there’s a bottom to this deep dive. Many of us shadow transmutation warriors and earth workers have been feeling tired, depressed, sad, lost, directionless, and have been rehashing life events, but also letting go of the past. Emotions have been all over the place and we’re feeling the universal push to begin to move forward without feeling the usual safety net we used to have. We have also felt many amplified physical symptoms as we continue our Ascension process.

I decided to look at Sunday/Monday’s full lunar eclipse on the two Mayan calendars that I like to use, to see what is our base energy that will launch us out of this eclipse portal like the millennium falcon exiting hyper drive. Here is what I uncovered.

Mayan Astrology Yucatec Calendar

5.15.22 = 10 CABAN

- Brings the power of manifesting new projects for the future.

5.16.22 = 11 ETZNAB

- Brings about integration of the viable past with the future with balance between service and self care.

5.15.22 = 10 CABAN The number 10 represents ENERGY or power of the calendar. The number 10 is the physical manifestation of our energy’s intent. It is the only number that actually brings forth things into the material world. So this is powerful. The Plumed Serpent Ley Line, which is connected to all other earthly ley lines, is getting vibrated into a higher frequency by this solar eclipse, and the number 10 is about manifesting through the earth grids/ley lines!!! We will manifest our intentions through spirit/heart into the collective consciousness. The day sign of CABAN represents the PERSONALITY or definition. CABAN works in the spiritual realm and universal consciousness. It is the genesis of very large projects that could also be seen as very progressive and controversial. We will feel very self empowered to stretch beyond our usual boundaries as we also loose the need for outside validation to create what we envision.

5.16.22 = 11 ETZNAB - By the time the solar eclipse enters the next day sign of 11 ETZNAB it gets really interesting. The number 11 integrates anything that is viable from the past, and merges it into the future. It will integrate this with all other newly established intentions. This can cause some temporary chaos as it rebalances. ETZNAB also works in the realm of the spiritual world / universal consciousness. ETZNAB is really smart, but it doesn’t acknowledge this and will underestimate itself. It can also trigger being self critical. Take a moment and recognize how much you’ve learned at this point in your life and celebrate it. We will need to be mindful about the energy of self interest versus self sacrifice, and learn a deeper level of cooperation to work together in community.

Mayan Traditional Kiche’ Calendar

5.15.22 = 4 E (eb)

Brings balance to the path and our journey.

5.16.22 = 5 AJ (ben)

Brings an elevation to personal / global authority and power.

This is the calendar cycle that traditional Maya still use in Guatemala.

5.15.22 = 4 E (eb) - The power of the number 4 brings about balance in the elements. It also can bring balance in our energies and frequencies that are flowing through our bodies during this eclipse. The personality of E (eb) can bring about a new path. This could be a new direction in our lives, our communities and world. It may just bring clarity to the path you are already on. But when we add the power and the personality we can have greater, clear insights on how to balance our changing path. This is the beginning of a new journey.

5.16.22 = 5 AJ (ben) - Power of the number 5 elevates creation with the element of ether, so it is a very otherworldly energy. Our path that we just became clear on, will now also become greatly elevated when its energy comes into play past the mid point of the eclipse. Because this is very otherworldly energy, we might struggle to stay grounded, especially while we are experiencing a full and very watery lunar eclipse. The personality of AJ brings in a lot of pure power and authentic authority, during this eclipse. This power can bring in new creative power and recognition to a new path, or it can alter your established personal power, community power, and also global power. This could cause a bit of inner or global chaos, when the staff of power and authority is shaken in those who are still stuck in the past paradigm. This could trigger some big changes on the world stage.

No one will be able to escape the transformation this time brings. The Plumed Serpent Ley Line crosses over the Rainbow Serpent Ley Line, and both of these two main ley lines feed into all the other network of ley lines across the earth. We may feel a bit vulnerable with all the otherworldly ether energy empowering this eclipse. But then, there is tomorrow, which is a new day, and has many new energies to build on the foundation and transformation this eclipse has created.

Een zonsverduistering vindt plaats wanneer de maan tussen de aarde en de zon passeert, waardoor het beeld van de zon voor een kijker op aarde geheel of gedeeltelijk wordt verduisterd.

In de ochtend van maandag 16 mei 2022 vindt een totale maansverduistering plaats. Hierbij beweegt de maan zich door de schaduw van de aarde. Daardoor valt er geen direct zonlicht meer op het maanoppervlak. De maan is dan veel donkerder dan normaal.

Een leylijn is een rechte lijn op het aardoppervlak die wordt getrokken door meerdere punten van geografisch belang, waarbij verwezen wordt naar een vermeend verband tussen die punten. Het gaat daarbij typisch om prehistorische locaties, archeologische vindplaatsen en oude kerken. Esoterici geloven dat leylijnen energiebanen zijn. De naam is afgeleid van lineaire groeperingen van Engelse dorpen die eindigen op -leigh of-ley. Het bestaan ervan werd voor het eerst geponeerd in 1921 door de Britse amateurarcheoloog Alfred Watkins.